Proposed IT Parks in Chennai

Under Construction Proposed Tech Parks In Chennai in Next 6 years

Proposed Tech Parks In Chennai / Upcoming Major IT Parks in Chennai 2024-2029: Chennai, known as the “Detroit of India” for its robust automobile industry, is rapidly emerging as a hub for information technology (IT) and related industries. With a growing demand for office space and technology infrastructure, several major IT parks are set to reshape the city’s skyline over the next few years. Here’s a comprehensive list of upcoming major IT parks in Chennai from 2024 to 2029:

IT Park NameEstimated Size (Million Sq.ft)
Fintech City Phase 1Approximately 10
DLF Downtown6.8
L&T Innovation Campus6.5
RMZ One Expansion5.1
Sattva PerungudiApproximately 4
International Tech Park Expansion3.3
TCS Siruseri Phase 23.2
Embassy Splendid Expansion3
Raheja PallikaraniApproximately 2
Lee Kim Tah SiruseriApproximately 2
Brigade Radial Road1.5
ASV Icon (Navalur)1.2
Baashyam GuindyApproximately 1
Casagrand (3 projects)Approximately 1.1
ASV Husainy Phase 11
TNHB, Peters RoadApproximately 1
Capgemini ExpansionApproximately 0.8
Brigade Anna SalaiApproximately 0.6
Tidel Park Avadi0.55
Phoenix Mall IT Tower0.4

Additionally, several smaller IT parks ranging from 250,000 to 400,000 sq.ft are under construction across the city, predominantly for flex space. The government has recently allotted around 12 acres for three IT parks along the Outer Ring Road. With the implementation of new Floor Space Index (FSI) regulations, further developments are expected across major corridors.

Chennai’s development as a leading IT destination requires joint venture (JV) and real estate (RE) focused policies. The infrastructure, especially along Radial Road, deserves significant attention and improvement to support the city’s growing tech ecosystem.

Overall, these upcoming IT parks signify Chennai’s readiness to embrace technological advancements and attract investments, contributing to its status as a prominent IT hub in India.